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Deluxe Accessory Kit

Extension Hose (100 cm), Microfiber Cloth for Garment Steamer, Window Cleaner Coral Cloth, Grout Tool, Scrubbing Pad, Scraper, Microfiber Cloth for Mop Head

$34.80 + S&H

Super Clean Kit

Microfiber Cloth, Window Coral Cloth, Scrubbing Pad, Microfiber Cloth, Coral Cloth for Mop

$28.80 + S&H 
Bendable Pole

Innovative, versatile Multi-Flex technology allows for continuous steam flow even when bent. Makes navigating furniture and hard to reach places easier.

$29.95 + S&H 
Flex Head

First ever Mop Head Attachment with Contour Cleaning Technology provides flexible reach around curved objects and protects furniture.

$19.95 + S&H